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“Change Your Kitchen items”- 5 most harmful kitchen items that you should change immediately

In this article, I am going to talk about the kitchen items that you use in your kitchen on regular basis and you should change your kitchen items immediately for a healthy lifestyle.

For the past few months, I have just been hearing the bad news all around. People are getting sick day by day. It is not just about the COVID that people are dying of but the numbers of people dying of other diseases are also no less. The immunity of people is at high risk. I got really freaked out when I got to know about one of my neighbors from the old society who died of cancer. As I remember him, he was a really fit guy with no bad habits.

That day itself I connected a call to one of my doctor friends and discussed with her, how we can follow a healthy lifestyle and prevent ourselves from such diseases.  I came to know that the danger starts right from our kitchen. There are a number of items right in our kitchen through which we are taking toxicants inside us without being aware of it. So, I am listing here 5 of these items in the kitchen which each one of us uses on a daily basis these kitchen items should be changed immediately.

Aluminum foil

change your kitchen item

Yes! you heard it right. Now you must be thinking, people have been using aluminum foils for packing food items for ages, how can someone fall sick just by using it. But let me tell you, aluminum foil carrying the hot food item leaches aluminum content into the food which is highly dangerous for the body. Its long-term intake into the body may cause various serious diseases which are even life-threatening. A small amount of aluminum intake is not much harmful but the leached content from the aluminum foil is way higher than our body can accommodate. As per the WHO report, an aluminum intake of 40 mg per kilogram of body weight per day is safe. The same goes for the cheap aluminum utensils that we use in our homes. Cooking in these utensils is so convenient and cheap that we do not think of replacing them with other utensils. But, mark my words! if you want to stay healthy for the rest of your life then change your kitchen items with an immediate effect. There are various healthy options available in the market that can conveniently be replaced with aluminum items. For example, aluminum foil can be replaced with a cotton cloth or butter paper. Aluminum utensils can be replaced with steel utensils, glass utensils, and clay utensils.

Cooking oils

Olive oil

We are quite used to the refined oils in our homes and think it to be the healthiest oil for the heart as shown in the daily TV commercials. Contrary to these commercials, in reality, it is the most dangerous item in our kitchen that needs to be changed immediately. Refined oils are prepared at such a high temperature which removes all the natural and beneficial properties from the oil. Thus, an increase in a high amount of trans fats in these oils makes them injurious to our health. They work as a slow poison for our body if consumed regularly and cause several serious diseases such as heart blockage, renal diseases, diabetes, ulcers, and more. We have plenty of other options in the market that are cheap, convenient, and healthy to procure. Some of the healthy oils that I might suggest include coconut oil, kachhi ghani oil, sesame oil, etc. But,  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that these oils should be COLD PRESSED. Cold-pressed oils are the healthiest available oils in the market and wherever the word refined comes, it becomes unhealthy. So, simply say “NO” to refined oils.

Non-stick utensils

Set of black non-stick kitchen utensils on a white background. Pot, ladle, frying pan with glass lid.

I sometimes get very surprised that how we easily getaway by the commercials and end up buying these extra expensive non-stick utensils which are highly toxic and dangerous for our health if used for a prolonged period. There is no doubt that cooking in these utensils is much much easier and seems like an appealing alternative. But we shouldn’t forget that every good thing comes with a cost and if the cost is our health then we should change this kitchen item immediately. When these non-stick pans are heated, their coating begins to disintegrate and releases a lot of toxic gases and their prolonged intake into the body may even cause the diseases like cancer. I know it’s a bit difficult to throw these items right away as we spend a large amount of money buying these fancy items. We should limit its use and gradually replace them with healthy options such as steel, ceramic, clay utensils, etc.

Plastic items

Plastic food containers on a wooden table

We have been using plastic items at our homes from the beginning of the day till night which includes toothbrushes, lunch boxes, cutlery times, pens, polybags, light switches, and what not? Plastics are so comfortable to use that we can not imagine our life without them. But it’s also important to understand that excessive use of these items can even cause considerable harm to our bodies. Eating hot meals in plastic utensils can cause serious diseases to the body. Plastic melts when it is heated, exposed to the sun, or while carrying hot food items. Such melting of the plastic releases the toxin name dioxin that accelerates breast cancer. Besides, the plastic products release other harmful chemicals as well, such as phthalates and biphenylA that cause fertility problems, asthma, liver cancer, and neurological effects. It is very obvious that we can not replace all the plastic items immediately from our house, but we should strictly stop using them for carrying hot items. This kitchen item should be changed with glass containers or stainless steel containers.


change your kitchen items

Shocked?? we consider milk the most healthy food in our diet. We procure milk packets on the daily basis and give our children at least two times a day unaware of their harmful effects.

Don’t worry, all types of milk and milk items are not bad. There are some categories of milk and I am going to tell you about the most healthy option. We generally come across two types of milk i.e. A1 and A2. A1 milk is the milk that is used most commonly. It is the milk generated from cows of western origin like Jersey and Holstein. Whereas, A2 milk is the milk generated from the cows of Indian origin like Gir and Sahiwal. These two types of milk are quite different from each other in terms of their chemical composition and health benefits. A1 milk does not provide any kind of benefits to the body and rather provides allergic reactions to some people. A2 milk, on the other hand, is very rich in proteins and vitamins. So, we should immediately change this kitchen item and replace it with the A2 cow milk. There are a lot of companies which provide A2 milk to our doorstep such as dairylac, country delight, etc. This milk is a bit expensive as compared to the A1 cow milk but its health benefits are simply outstanding.

In recent days, we have very well realized the importance of staying healthy and using healthy products. So, if you also want to resort to healthy options and want to stay away from the diseases then you should change these kitchen items with the healthy available options with an immediate effect.

I hope I have been able to convey my point to you that how little changes in your kitchen can bring big changes in your life.

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